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Here at The Stonebot studio, we love a challenge and the rush of  learning a new thing or two. So when the opportunity arose to work on a stopmotion animation project we jump right on it.

The Asteroid is a heartwarming story about three aliens stuck in a tiny rock drifting aimlessly across the universe. After finding out their beloved asteroid is heading toward the sun and into its imminent destruction, the trio is forced to work together, leaving all prejudice aside, making new friends, to save the rock they call home.


The asteroid was always conceived as a shortfilm animation. The first challenge we had as a team was coming up with an interesting story that people would like to watch for more than 10 minutos. From the beginning we knew we wanted space to be the center stage and we draw upon the structure of short stories and fairytales to find a logical sequence for our film. Few characters, one define storyline and the always welcome unexpected ending combined into a logical way to tell our story.  A modern version of the three little pigs tale, mixed with drama, adventure and a heartwarming message of friendship.


The main characteristic of a stop motion animation is that everything needs to be build. Characters, stages and props need to be created in order to start the animation process. It is both a scary and daunting experience but a fun one nonetheless. Being able to actually touch all the pieces and animate frame by frame is a huge learning experience, with a lot of trial and error involved. Combining wood, plastic, textiles and all sorts of unexpected materials was super fun for the team, and more like playing than actually animating.


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