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DOC Team (Equipo DOC in spanish) is a animated series developed for a preschool audience, aim to teach children about simple medical facts. It follows the misadventures of Hugo and Lily, two endearing siblings facing the many tribulations of their early childhood, either physical or emotional. Don’t worry!! DOC DOC, Nurse DOC and Helper DOC will appear just in time for a quick diagnosis, provide you with the right medicine and teach you about simple medical facts.



After a quick scouting of preschool series, we realize there was quite niche to explode in shows related to health care. We started development on Team DOC, as a more approachable way to learn about illness and common fears the children had about going to the doctor. It was quite a challenge to handle this subject in a fun, simple way that children would actually enjoy watching. Giving each team member a fun personality and using a narrator allow for a layback tone and an interesting dynamic between the characters.



In order to portray the different ailments Hugo goes through during an episode, we needed to show his symptoms. We had to be extremely careful in showing them in a stylized way, without it being scary or gruesome. The team came up with the idea of exaggerating them to  almost comedic proportions, making Hugo transform into all kinds of things. Either showing him turn white as paper or petrify out of fear of heights, resulted in a clearer and more approachable way to teach about particular symptoms and the way they affect our bodies.


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