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Comedy is by far one of the hardest genres to properly pull off. As a studio we seldom dabble on it waters ourselves. However we were more than excited when the team of KINDA FUNNY contacted us along Frame Freak studio to co-produce one of their  monthly webisodes.

A little irreverent, full of pop culture references  and lots of comedy, were the amazing qualities of this project, which we soon realize was going to be a huge learning experience and growth opportunity. 


As an animation studio, we love developing our own ideas and stories. However it is also amazing having the chance to work along other professionals in the industry.  During a period of around a month, we worked alongside the crew at KINDAFUNNY  in the production of their Christmas special. A sort of ode to Star wars, and specifically to the ewok the real Hero of the rebellion. We worked entirely on the animation side of the project, bringing to life the unique characters they have already created.


It was a challenging experience at first, as we had to adapt to the fast paced dialogue and sequencing, while keeping in mind the personality of each character.  Lots of communication between the teams were necessary so as to deliver the quality of animation  KINDA FUNNY is accustomed to.  



So comedy it's hard. A lot of works goes into every joke, the timing must be perfect, the acting on point. It was so much fun however, putting aside the pre school mindset for a while and working on a project that is quite the opposite of that genre. We didn't just need to think different, but also adapt to the Kinda Funny production process of how an episode is made. As a result we got to analyze or own process and ways, while also learning to improve and making the best out of time and resources.

A big thanks to the Kinda Funny crew who trusted us with their episode.


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