The Explorasaurs

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The Explorasaurs

The Explorasaurs is based around a group of curious little dinosaurs who travel across space and time with the help of a gigantic brachiosaurus named Marco Polo. In their journeys the kids meet all kind of historical figures, from important scientists and inventors, to great authors, chefs and artists. They take part in the history of the world and learn about the mysteries of our universe.  In the process they also learn about being kind, working as a team, solving problems but most of all about the power of science and friendship!


We always knew we wanted The Explorasaurs to be a series about science and adventure, that would include a vast array of historical figures like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. As we began the visual development for the series we looked for crisp and define geometric shapes that presented a stylized version of the world we live in. Character designing was also key. Not only did we design very distinct main characters for Duncan, Ari and Troy, but we also had to create the dinosaurs version for all the historical figures. It was a fun process translating Einstein's signature crazy hair into the explorasaurs style.



The core of the series is science, as it portrays a friendly and approachable way to learn about scientific facts. So every episode starts with a question, whether the Explorasaurus want to know a way to jump higher or learn more about plants.
The animation showcases that feeling of curiosity as the characters sprint across their world, hitting specific poses along the way to focus the attention on important elements. We also added and infographic section to each episode, were the  guest character usually explains in more detail and in a graphic style the answers to the episode’s question.


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