The Sunshine Circus

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The Sunshine Circus

A whimsical magical train, a cast of exotic animal and the always fun context of a circus are the perfect ingredients for an animated preschool series. This was exactly our thought when we decided a few years back,  to enter the Pixels Pro awards here in El Salvador. It was time to put aside our training wheels and produce our first animated series. Little did we know that training was not over just yet.


Sunshine Circus was our first attempt at creating an animated series. As we gather all our mystical knowledge and wisdom, the context of a circus pop into our head and it immediately set a direction for the whole show. Making the animals the center of attention and treating their stories as the misadventures of an odd but always caring family, set the tone for an incredible journey and a whole new world.


Acting was a huge factor on the development of sunshine circus as we had a vast array of characters and character design. We wanted fast, snappy animation that would work for characters like Flush, the hyperactive juggling alligator but also Larry the slow pace bear ringmaster. Personality was important too, for we wanted children relating to the different traits and nuisances of each character as they experience the amusing and sometimes absurd choices Flush makes.


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